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  • Jan 19-26 - MUSC:  Dr. Keith Merrill, Dr. Haley Merrill, Anthony Barcel, Alyssa Althoff & Mr. Daniel Mullins RN
  • Mar 16-23 -  USC: Cancelled
  • May 18-25 -  Drs. Bubba Gilmore & Robert Belding
  • Jul 13-20 -  MUSC:   Dr. Dane Daley, Dr. Dan Ross, Dr. Vickens Beauge & Dr. Gassendy Edmond
  • Sept 14-21 -  USC: Drs. David Koon, Chris Hydorn, Mike Tucker, Adam Money PGY4, Ms. Lindsey Demos PT
  • Nov 30 – Dec 7 - GHS: Cancelled



  • Jan 20-27  GHS - Dr. Tim Brown & Dr. Michael Koerner  
  • May 19-26 MUSC - Dr. Shane Woolf, Gail Mathews, Dr. Sophie Traven, Pam Kilpatrick RN
  • June 2-9  USC - Drs. Frank Voss, Ben Jackson & Tom Ergen
  • July 14-21 GHS - Dr. Rudolph Richeme, Dr. Mukaha Oda, Dr. Robert Belding, Ann Belding  & Mr. Granville Baxa
  • Sept 15-22 USC - Dr. David Koon, Dr. Chris Hydorn, Dr. Will Melton
  • Dec 1-8  MUSC- Dr. Chris Gross, Dr. Lex Hannah, Mrs. Liz Karabin RN



  • Jan 14 - 21  MUSC - Dr. Langdon Hartsock and wife Charlotte Hartsock, Dr. Seth Bowman, Ari Delucy pre med, Michael Smanz RN, 
  • Mar 18 - 25 USC - Dr. Mike Green, Dr. Kyle Mobley, Pam Claytor RN, Eric Grumbach RPT, and Miss Shelby Green 
  • May 20 - 27  GHS - Dr. John Sanders, Dr. Trey Gurich
  • July 15 - 22  GHS - Dr. Chris Bray & Dr. Mark Moody & Gabe Placer
  • Sep 16 - 23 USC - Dr. David Koon, Dr. Kevis Williams, Dr. Chris Hydorn, Pam Olenchuk PT,  Mary Smoak RN
  • Nov 25 - Dec 2 MUSC - Dr. Keith Merrill, Dr. Dane Daley, Elizabeth Kerabin RN, Caroline Raburn RPT




  • January 18-25 MUSC - Dr. Dane Daley, Dr. Jake Braunstein, Dr. Joseph Rose Dorcie, Dr. Hendrick Augustine
  • March 14-21 USC - Dr. Frank Voss, Dr. Tracy Voss, Dr. Jeff Marchessault, Dr. Logan Wells Huff, Mr. Willie Eugene Young 
  • May 16-23 GHS - Dr. David Lazarus, Dr. Brandon Huggins
  • July 11-18 GHS - Dr. Berg
  • July 18-25 - Haitian residents to GHS
  • September 12-19 USC - Dr. David Koon
  • September 19-26 Haitian resident to USC
  • November 14-21 MUSC - Dr. Langdon Hartsock
  • November 21-28 Haitian residents to MUSC

Travel Information


Malaria: The risk is low. Prophylaxis is recommended for those staying less than three weeks. All malaria in Haiti is chloroquin (Aralen) sensitive. Dose: 500mg weekly beginning two weeks prior to arrival and continuing for four weeks after your return. Use insect repellant, or vitamin B1.

Tetanus & Diphtheria: Booster is required every ten years.

Polio: A one-time booster is recommended for adults immunized in childhood. Children under 18 that have been immunized need no booster

Hepatitis A: Vaccination with Havrix and a booster six months later. Risk is low at the hospital & high in Port au Prince

Hepatitis B: Vaccination required if not already immune. Three shots over 6 months.

Typhoid: Oral vaccine of 4 capsules.

Measles: immunity or vaccination required. 

Travelers Diarrhea: Prevention with two Pepto-Bismol chewable tablets four times a day.  Antibiotics not recommended for prevention.

Tuberculosis: Very prevalent. Routine precautions with patients.

AIDS: Prevalent in Haiti but only 5% of hospital patients are HIV positive. The blood supply at Hospital Lumiere is screened for AIDS antibody.  Avoid needles, blood and sexual contact. Treatment for needle sticks is available at the hospital.

CDC Travel Information


The Haitian Ministry of Health in Haiti requires that all visitors who render medical services in the hospital or clinics have proper US credentials: A professional diploma, license to practice and any specialty certifications. The hospital or clinic must have these on file upon your arrival. Please E-mail photocopies (include all diplomas, licenses, residency or board certificates, etc.) to Mrs. Lindsey Demos (LMDemos@att.net) as soon as you know you will be visiting the hospital.  Volunteers should carry a copy of their credentials as well as a copy of their passport to the hospital. Medical students work under the supervision of physicians at the hospital and the clinic. Residents should inquire in advance about special restrictions on residents working in the hospital. Every traveler needs to sign the release of liability for the hospital and must have proof of medical evacuation insurance.


A. Travel Insurance:  $2.55 per day of travel per individual

B. Transportation Charge:  $60.00 per person round trip pending mode of transportation 

C.Hospital Lumiere Guest House Fee:  $50.00 per day per person includes 3 meals a day and all amenities.

D. Airline Tickets:  American Airlines $750 to $900 per person round trip.

E.  Guest House in Port au Prince:  $50.00 per person per night. Breakfast and supper included.

F. Spending Money: Minimal

G. SCOA pays the transportation and housing fees for one staff physician and one resident for each trip.

Ms. Lindsey Demos, PT who has visited Hospital Lumiere many times, is in charge of making reservations for travel and accommodations, as well as scheduling trips for each team.

Phone  843-709-5306 Mobile

843-971-4468 Home

E-Mail   LMDemos@att.net 


Assistance in Haiti



Robert Belding:

803-466-0434 US Cell

509-48728697 Haiti Cell

My Fathers Guest House:

Dalmar 75 Rue Dalla 16

Phyll Van Es 50934566741 & 9543768606 US in Haiti

Komari Aberle:

509-42252200 Haiti cell

785-547-6841 US in Haiti

Mr. Nadar -Taxi Driver:

509-35589382 or 34120493

US Embassy in Haiti:




Dr. Pierre-Marie Woolley:

Hospital de la Paix Staff


Dr. Peter Jumelle:

Chief of Orthopedics HUP

Phyll Van Es:

Operates My Fathers Guest House

Dr. Stephanie Justinville:

Ortho Chief Resident

509-3401-0529  Cell

509-3282-1846 WhatsApp

Dr. Robert H. Belding

509-3311-8676 Haiti cell

785-284-7170 Guesthouse US#

Mrs. Komari Aberle

4225-2200 Natcom

3480-6552 Digicel

785-547-6841 US cell number



1. Deplane and follow crowd to Immigrations

2. For Immigration Card, fill out on plane before arrival:

3. $10 fee, cash to immigrations for airport tax

4. Address in Haiti: Hospital Lumiere, Bonne Fin Haiti

5. Phone in Haiti: 509-48728697

6. Reason for Visit: Pleasure/tourist

·7. Keep the green card that Immigrations gives you for departure

·8. Go down stairs to claim baggage.

9. Downstairs turn left to rent a baggage cart: $2

·10. Take white customs form with baggage to exit.

11. If stopped, you do not want to have a large quantity of medications in your bags. Tell customs you have supplies for surgery. You are Dr. Zoe (Bone Doctor)at Hospital Lumiere. The hospital has tax exempt status

12. As soon as you exit the building a Haitian Ortho Resident should come to you, if not just stand near the building and he will show up. 

13. If no one shows up:

  • o Call me on Haitian Cell
  • o Call My Fathers Guest house
  • o Call Nadar to take you to My Fathers Guest House



  • Make rounds: Some of their patients are complicated. I try to discuss one or two of the problems but do not spend the day on one patient.
  • Presentation: Prepare 2 talks of 30 to 45 min. You will use a translator. Do not make it a high tech lecture.
  • Speak to the Chief: Dr. Jumelle or Dr. Henry or Dr. Woolly if they are there
  • Leave for guest house by 6:00pm Call Phyll when you leave the hospital.
  • Lunch: Eat on the plane if you want lunch.



  • 1. The Haitian residents will take you to the bus if you are riding the bus. Be at the bus station 30 min early. It takes 30 minutes to go from guesthouse to bus station.
  • 2.  Bus ride is 4 hours. Tell the bus driver you want to get out at Cavaillon, Haiti at the gas station. 
  • 4. If you are going by van, it will pick you up at the guesthouse or airport. 
  • 5. Be sure the two residents going with you know where and when to meet you Sunday morning. If you leave without them they need to take a bus to the hospital.
  • 6. Call Komari Aberle or me when the bus passes Maragui. ( the bus usually stops there for a break but not always. There is a big lake there)
  • ·7. Komari will pick you up at the gas station in Cavaillon.
  • 8.  If there are any problems on the way call Komari  or me.



You are in Haiti, the people are friendly, delays are common. Remember you are on Island time.


This orientation will help you know what is expected of you at Hospital Lumiere


Orthopedic Instruments Available At Hospital Lumiere

Two hand sets

One amputation set

Three large ortho instrument sets

Two small ortho instrument sets

One micro ortho instrument set

One K-nail set

One Supracondylar locking nail set

One tibial nail set

Three large frag DCP sets - 3 tray each

Four small frag DCP sets - 1 tray each

One mini frag DCP sets - 1 tray

Two cannulated screw sets

One DHS hip sets

One Austin Moore set

Two sets of flexible reamers

One set rigid reamers

Rush rod set

Blount nail set adult & Peds

Bone staple set

One Herbert screw set

Large and small plate bender

Two large rod (pin) cutters

Stiman pin set with hand drill 

Traction bows

Large and small x-fix

Three large ortho battery power  ( Drill & Saw with chucks, key, blades)

Two small ortho battery power (Drill & Saw with chucks, key and blades)

Two small ortho electric power sets

One pelvic recon plate set

One DCS set 

One set of large fracture reduction clamps orthopedic surgery

SIGN Nail set for femur, tibia & humerus

1. The availability of Orthopedic Instruments will determine which cases you are able to do. The Haitian nurses and staff can clean and help with the instruments, but you must insure the instruments are in the set you want to use before each case.

2. Although our equipment may look old to you it is all we have. Please help us take care of it and help keep track of it. 

3. At the end of your week and before leaving Hospital Lumiere please be sure all equipment is cleaned, back in its proper sets, and in the locked cabinets or the next group will not have instruments to work with.

4. The ortho instruments are kept in the sterilization room in 6 locked cabinets. The keys are in the sterilization room.

5. The ortho cabinet, between OR 3 & 4, has supplies used in our cases. It also contains the hand table, the lateral positioning board, the image table extension and the pneumatic tourniquets. This cabinet lock combination is 1946.  We purchase many of the items in this cabinet so use sparingly.

6. There are extra screws, plates, pins, drill bits, taps, and ortho instruments on the bottom shelf of one of the cabinets in the sterilization room. Use them to replace broken instruments or used implants. Extra rods and AM prostheses are in the cabinet also.

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Haiti Orthopaedic Project

Hospital Lumiere

South Carolina Orthopedic Residents and Hospital de la Paix Orthopedic Residents join together to make a difference!

Haiti Orthopedic Project

We became interested in Haiti as a Christian mission field in  1981 when we visited Hospital St. Croix in Leogane. Our work at Hospital Lumiere in Bonne Fin began in 1996 and continues to today.